40% - 70% of your banking customers are not profitable.Do you know who they are?

Understanding customer profitability is the secret to increasing organizational profitability.

With profitlens, a fully integrated profitability-management system, you can easily and affordably identify your most profitable customers, products and officers.

Who are your most profitable customers? Why? What other customers look like them? What should you sell to them?
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increase profit through more effective sales and marketing strategies

profitlens identifies your most profitable and least profitable customers, so you can create informed sales strategies with a more effective product mix and targeted cross-selling.

Reduce customer acquisition costs through optimized sales performance

With profitlens, you can identify your top-producing bank officers, allowing you to more effectively utilize, reward, and train your sales staff for more profitable performance.

Protect the revenue generated by your most profitable customers

profitlens makes it easy for bank officers to view current and historical customer information right at their desktops, so they can make informed customer-service and sales decisions that cultivate strong and more profitable relationships with your best customers.

Reduce Operating Costs

With profitlens, essential business insights are delivered quickly and easily to key stakeholders across the organization. Now, you can spend more time acting on data than gathering it.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

profitlens utilizes a hosted solution that allows banks to take advantage of data and analytics without incurring large capital outlays. This allows you to compete against larger institutions with IT staff, consultants, and multi-million dollar solutions.

Who are your top-performing officers? Why?
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Profitability Data at your Fingertips

profitlens pushes profitability data to the desktop, giving all stakeholders clear visibility into your most profitable customers, products, and officers.

full view of your customer relationships

profitlens connects each customer to accounts, organizations, officers and even other customers to provide a complete relationship view. Your bank officers can find both current and historical customer profitability data right in the details.

Integrated organizational, product, and customer profitability

With an integrated profitability model, it is simple to analyze your results.

organizational profitability

Go beyond the General Ledger reporting by being able to see how products, officers and customers are impacting your organizational results.

Product profitability

Analyze how your products are performing across your markets. What are the costs of your products? If you give away Treasury Services to get commercial lending, how much is that costing you?

Banking Insights

No matter what report we create, there is always another report you will need. With profitlens, you can use our powerful insights engine to answer your questions without having to get IT support or code new reports. Customer, organization, product and officer performance are provided through a user-friendly querying tool.

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Seamless Configuration and Integration

profitlens is completely configurable so that each individual bank can implement its specific methodologies. There are no "hard-wired" cost models, product assumptions, or organizational structures. The system allows for configuration that provides unique insights into how your bank is performing based on how you do business.

core systems data import

profitlens is designed to securely import data from any core system.

Cost-Allocation Engine

A rules-based, multi-dimensional, hierarchical allocation engine applies costs at the organizational, product or instrument level.

funds-transfer pricing

profitlens configures yield curves to apply transfer-pricing rates at the instrument level.

Automated GL Reconciliation

The profitlens data-processing engine reconciles core-system instrument-level data to the bank’s general ledger.

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Designed for the Business Person

profitlens is designed to be used by bank officers and their management. You do not have to be a CPA or technology person to utilize the system.

Web-based Solution

profitlens delivers information at the point of sales and service.

Role-based Security

profitlens protects customer and competitive information by restricting access to approved users only.

How profitable are your products? How are they performing across markets? What does it really cost?

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